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Introducing The Latest In Mobile Technology. The Strato Team
Have Created The Ultimate Delivery Documentation Solution.

The STRATOPOD solution improves your delivery documentation cycle by capturing delivery data directly from drivers.
The innovative digitising of all delivery documentation by sending or uploading it to all relevant parties.

StratoPod Workflow

About StratoPod

STRATOPOD removes the risks associated with the manual paper processing of delivery documentation.

  • Manual processing is expensive, slow and vulnerable to human error.
  • You are paying high staff costs for data capturing.
  • Documents are easily lost – which leads to delayed payment, or worse, claims against you for lost goods and potentially losing a valued customer.
  • You do not have the ability to quickly provide 'live' information for management reporting.

Replace the manual processes and tasks associated with paper workflows, such as:

  • Printing and scanning completed delivery notes.
  • Manually capturing data from the document and keying it into the finance systems for invoicing.
  • Physical distribution of documentation across the organisation.
  • Storage/archiving costs and retrieval.

Innovative thinking

Innovations that improve your customers' experience can result in increased satisfaction and a more robust bottom line. This unique solution provides organisations with exactly that. It empowers organizations with the means to accurately, efficiently and safely endorse deliveries documentation electronically at customer sites.

Resolve Issues Quickly

Today's consumers have little patience when faced with service delays or disengaged service providers.The STRATOPOD solution will assist in resolving delivery disputes quickly and professionally.

Key Features

  • Portable across most mobile devices
  • Electronic signatures to endorse delivery notes
  • Capturing evidence as the delivery happens
  • Delivery note statistics and history
  • Offline access
  • Data synchronization
  • Easy configuration to suit your business needs
  • Seamless integration
  • Advanced security
  • Tracking devices with Geo-locations and Google Maps
  • High availability with easy accessibility
  • Simple user interface
  • Camera functionality to allow for photographic evidence
  • Customizable to allow for mobile payments processing


  • Improved Data Accuracy and Efficiency
  • Real-Time Data
  • Reduced Errors
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • More Reliable Cash Flow

Success Story

Toyota Motors South Africa (Pty) Ltd

STRATOPOD digitises delivery documentation, offering immediate ROI for Toyota South Africa Motors National Parts Distribution Centre.

Anton Smalberger, Senior Manager at NPDC.

“We required a solution that would ensure a transparent delivery process with the timeous and accurate capturing of information. The solution also had to be in line with Toyota South Africa Motors’ approach to improve our 3BL of People, Planet and Profit. Toyota has experienced immediate ROI benefits in terms of reduced claims, delivery transparency, and time savings resulting from the implementation of the STRATOPOD solution. The application removes any conflict from disputes and results in improved driver productivity,”


"STRATO specialises in the implementation and development of business solutions.
Our mission is to delight our customers with innovative and professional services."

Cassie Lessing, CEO of STRATO IT Group

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